Are You In The Right Environment For Success?

Success in Network Marketing

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely existence. To ensure you achieve the level of success you desire you need to put yourself in the optimal environment possible.

I call this the "T.M.C. Environment."

T = Training

If you're trying to master a skill you must have the proper training. Training that shows you exactly what and how to master those skills.

M = Mentorship

This must come from someone who has been in your shoes. They need to know exactly what you're going through on a daily basis. It is possible to be mentored by someone from the "outside" but it does make it hard for them to relate to what you're going through.

C = Community

Having a community of supportive people to plug into is a must. This creates an environment where you have further opportunity to learn and also to provide support. There's something powerful about a group moving in the same direction, all supporting each other.

Unfortunately, most Network Marketers are going through the process of building their business and they're trying to piece together this environment. They're trying to get training from one source, mentorship from another and community from another.

Worse, there are some Networkers that don't have any of these crucial pillars in their arsenal. How about you? Do you have it covered?

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