Do You Confuse Time "In" The Business With Time "Building" The Business?

Do you confuse time "in" the business with time "building" the business?

I know I used to and it almost ruined my career in Network Marketing.

You see folks, Network Marketing is all about taking action, consistently over a sustained period of time.

The key thing to understand is that it really should say, "taking income producing action" because there's a HUGE difference between being "in" the business and actually producing the activities to grow it.

What do I mean?

Well, have you ever found yourself saying something like this to yourself: "I've been in the business for X number of years and I'm only a ________ rank in my company, maybe this just isn't for me?"

Or perhaps something like this: "Grrrr, that person has been in the business only 12 months and I've been in for 3 years and they already passed me up!"

I used to say both of those things, until I found a magical tool that saved my career!

This week's video addresses this issue. Enjoy!


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