Setting Up Your Network Marketing Business For Success: What 2 things you need to do right now!

There are 2 key important steps you need to take to set up your Network Marketing business for success.

It doesn't matter if you're going to be talking to warm-market or cold-market prospects. You absolutely have to start here!

Step #1: Set up your Email Auto Responder

If you don't have your own auto responder system set up then you're going to be throwing money away! Most prospective customers and distributors need 4 to 6 exposures to your information BEFORE they buy/join.

You need a system to streamline this process.

Also, you need to control/own your leads. Relying solely on your Network Marketing company's database system is a HUGE risk! If you own the list then you are safe!

I recommend using Aweber as they are the easiest to work with, give you the most bang for your buck, AND if you enroll here I offer a specific tutorial of not only setting up your system but also setting up your first campaign. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Step #2: Set up your own marketing page builder.

If you're going to be successful in Network Marketing you can't rely on your company's replicated websites. They are nothing more than glorified brochures.

You need to start to master marketing and that means having pages that are product specific and specific tot he target market you're going after.

Sending your prospects (warm or cold) to pages with a bunch of information about "opportunity" or "events" or "recognition" isn't going to help you make sales.

I recommend a program through Networker Funnels. This is a program that I created that is specifically designed to teach Network Marketers how to build their own marketing pages that help get you the results you want. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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