The Valley Of Death - Where Your Network Marketing Prospects Go, And Never Return!

Do you find that your Network Marketing prospects sometimes don't show up for their scheduled follow-up appointments? Would you like to know why that is? It's probably because you're taking them into "The Valley of Death" - where prospects go and they never return.

New Network Marketers are excited, and rightfully so, but that excitement can lead to say too much at the wrong time. When is the wrong time? During the invitation process!

Your goal when inviting is to expose someone to your COMPLETE presentation! The invitation is NOT the time to present the features and benefits of your product or opportunity.

If you're finding yourself explaining comp plan details, product ingredients/features, company background information, etc., then you're walking your prospect into the Valley of Death.

To avoid this I recommend using a 3rd party tool to "bridge" this gap. That means an online video, DVD, etc. (check with your team leadership to see what tool they use and if they don't have one let me know in the comments section below and I'll help you create one).

Using a 3rd party tool is vital because:

1. It makes sure your prospect gets 100% of the correct information.

2. It shows your prospect that there is a SIMPLE process in place that they can follow.

Remind yourself that the moment you get on the phone with a prospect, you're training them how to build the business. If it's too complicated they won't be able to see themselves doing it and you've lost them. So keep it simple, use a tool to educate your prospect and keep them out of the Valley Of Death! If you got value out of this training please let me know down below in the comments section. Also, if you have any tips for avoiding the VOD, please feel free to share!


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