What is Your Value Ladder?

If you're going to begin to master the concept of marketing then I suggest you take a moment and learn about this concept called "The Value Ladder."

I took this concept from a book I read called "DotCom Secrets" by Russell Brunson.

The idea is walking your potential customer through a process where you don't overwhelm them with price at the very beginning stages of connecting with them.

What you want to do is start with something low cost or even free. Perhaps you have a free sample you could share with them.

If they like that then you offer them the next level of the ladder which might be a sample pack (that they pay for) or an entry level product.

From there you're looking to get them to become a retail customer, then eventually a loyal customer on auto-ship, and then eventually all the way up the ladder to a product fanatic and distributor that purchases one of your builder packs.

The mistake that a lot of Networkers make is trying to go from sample to builder pack.

This turns a lot of potential customers off. Understand, most customers are going to need multiple exposures to your product before they make the decision to become a loyal customer.

Then, be patient and let them fall in love with the product before you try and shove the business opportunity down their throat.

This will lead to a much better relationship between you and your customers and will create a much better retention with your distributors as well.

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