What's The Best Way To Build A Network Marketing Business?

Which way to build a Network Marketing Business

Network Marketers ask me all the time, "Ben, what's the best way to build a Network Marketing business? Should I do warm market like my upline is teaching, should I do attraction marketing like the social gurus are teaching, or should I do online marketing?"

I wish there was an easy answer, but there isn't. That's because there is no right or wrong way to build a successful Network Marketing business.

The key is finding the best way for you!

The challenge is most Network Marketers don't figure this out until it's too late. Meaning, they launch their business the way that their upline is coaching them to, they don't get the results they "thought" they would get and then they quit.

So how do you know which method works for you? Let me dive into each one a bit...

Warm Market Building

This is by far the oldest method of building a Network Marketing business. It is designed to be the method that anyone can follow and is supposed to be the most "duplicable" method because it is something anyone can do the moment they join. It doesn't cost any money or require any special skills.

And while I agree it is something anyone can do, it doesn't mean everyone will do this. The 95% attrition rate of Network Marketer builders proves this fact.

That doesn't mean that 95% of people leave Network Marketing. It just means that 95% end up mainly being a customer. Yes, some do leave but many stay on to be loyal customers - only because they didn't get the results they wanted when launch their business.

I whole heartedly believe that if you love your products then yes, you should SHARE it with the people you are closest to. But notice how I didn't say SELL it to people.

This is where a lot of Network Marketers fail. They are trying to sell-sell-sell to their warm market and this turns a lot of people off.

The pro argument to this method of building is that it's the fastest way for someone to get their business started.

The con is that the old saying that people like to do business with people they know, like and trust, is not true at all in the world of Network Marketing. People who we thought were our closest friends and family (people who know, like and trust us) are usually the harshest critics of our new business and very rarely become our customer.

So, if you have a huge circle of influence and are a natural people magnet then this method is likely for you. How do you know if that's you? Well, in your circle of friends, when a new trend emerges, are you the first to recommend it? And when you recommend it, do most of your friends follow your lead? If so, you're perfect to build in the warm market.

Attraction Marketing

Because social media is in front of everyone, there are a handful of gurus using this to sell their courses and training on the masses of Networkers. Unfortunately this method is extremely difficult to get results in and usually results in someone wasting an entire year of their life.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's very important to put yourself out there and brand yourself. But that branding should be a by-product of your success and not something you're doing to try and "attract" people to you.

Can it work? Sure. If you have that "attractive character" personality, if you look great on camera, can produce awesome videos, write incredible blog posts, etc. then yes, you can start to attract some people.

But here's the problem that I see in our profession of Network Marketing when it comes to attraction marketing: It usually is designed to work mostly on other Network Marketers.

See, your warm market knows who you are. They know you don't have a clue about what you're talking about. So going on Facebook/Instagram/etc. to teach, provide content, etc. about a certain topic will usually fall on deaf ears.

Now, if you're good and you really fit that attractive character niche, then yes, you'll attract other Network Marketers to you and eventually when they decide to leave their Network Marketing business, hopefully they join with you. So if that's your building philosophy, well, good luck to you. Yikes.

Online Marketing

This method requires some skills but it's the one that I feel produces the most "sustainability" for your business. In other words, it's the one that can create the steady flow of growth (leads) for your business.

Online Marketing encompasses paid advertising but also includes using online methods to find and seek out your target market and put your products in front of them.

This is my favorite method of building. Why? Well, it's a lot more fun talking to people who are perfect for your business, rather than getting no, after no, after no from your friends. Or, spending hours upon hours doing Facebook lives, writing blogs, putting out content, etc.

The challenge with this method is there are some steps you need to take to be set up for marketing your business (like any normal, real business would).

First, you need to separate yourself from the masses. This means, creating some kind of marketing funnel that is SEPARATE from the replicated website you get from your Network Marketing company.

Second, you need to set up some kind of email marketing software (auto responder system) so you have a place to capture leads when they opt in.

Third, you need to master the skill of lead generation. This means, you need to figure out how to create a steady flow on people coming to you, requesting information directly from you.

This is my specialty so I'll admit I'm biased to using online marketing for my method to build a business in Network Marketing.

But ask yourself this question: "Do you find the methods that you're being taught professional?"

Do you feel comfortable using the tactics that you're being taught?

If not, then the odds are good that you won't stick with that method for very long.

My advice is to find a method of building your business that you are comfortable with.

There isn't one method that is easy. They all have challenges, fears, roadblocks, etc. So it just comes down to you finding the method that works best for you.

To your success, Ben Sturtevant P.S. Don't ever let a "leader" in Network Marketing tell you that online marketing doesn't work. It absolutely does work!!!

P.S.S. To learn more about the system I teach for lead generation for Network Marketing go to: https://www.lead-mastery.com.

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